In November 2019, we began our collaboration with the Palliative Care Unit "Jenny Karezi " ( of the 1st Radiology Laboratory of the Medical School, department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The Unit has been operating since 1992 and is an annex to the Aretaieio Hospital. The purpose of the multidisciplinary team (doctors, nurses, psychologists) is to provide free, comprehensive and specialized care to chronic patients.
As part of this collaboration, shiatsu sessions are held with Unit patients. This is how we come into contact with the medical industry in the healing process and recommend Shiatsu as a complementary treatment.
At Shiatsu sessions in the Unit after hearing the patient's description of his or her pain, our intention is to relax and relieve. This gives the patient the opportunity to familiarise himself with his body again, and thus with his pain, to observe and eventually manage this pain.
Our experience so far highlights the supportive role Shiatsu has played in contributing to the positive development of the symptom. We have seen that patients with chronic illnesses who, due to pain, had stopped their daily activities, had become isolated from their social surroundings or lacked the will to fulfill their desires, they gradually trusted their bodies, eliminating their fear of pain.

We would like to thank Prof. K. Mystakidou, Scientific Director of the Palliative Care Unit "Jenny Karezi", as well as the dedicated healthcare professionals for their trust and excellent cooperation.

Finally, we want to thank Jenny Karezi Foundation for their hospitality.