Wei is a team of three shiatsu professionals who aim to communicate shiatsu as a holistic and comprehensive therapy, highlighting the benefits it can bring to daily mobility and quality of life.
Wei means connection, unification, communication, a concept that is, in any case, a key point in the treatment of shiatsu, because it involves connecting the body with emotion and mind. Also in Chinese medicine Wei Qi is the energy that is responsible for communicating the inside with the outside, the Qi (the energy) of the Lung, which connects the inner part of a human with the outside through the breathing function.
The need for Wei team creation, arose from the fact that it provides more opportunities for exchange of experience, knowledge, ideas, reflections.



" My contact with alternative therapies was in my attempt to get rid of the intense pains of a shoulder tendonitis limb, a common and painful condition. As the pains did not respond to the strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory, I addressed an acupuncturist-herbalist and had an immediate improvement in the symptoms.



" In 2007 I completed my studies at the School of Dramatic Art "Theatrical Art". The process of learning and interpreting a role, a process in which emotion and mind are harmonized and expressed through the body, was the occasion to engage in arts that have the starting point of the body: body theater, contemporary dance, butoh, katakali , acrobatics and yoga.



" I have graduated from physiotherapy department of Technical Educational Institute of Athens. At Lat 38 School i was taught the healing art of shiatsu. As I work daily, mainly with musculoskeletal disorders, the knowledge and application of the biomechanics of the body showed me how the body moves naturally but also when it suffers.