A few words about shiatsu

Shiatsu is a therapeutic technique that uses the pressure on acupuncture spots of human body, stretching of meridian channels, routing the joints and also other moving techniques. The aim of Shiatsu is to restore the vital Qi energy that flows with the blood through meridian channels.

WEI team highlights Shiatsu by using as a base the Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. We refer to the body as the final receiver of all emotions and thoughts. We not only focus on the elimination of the symptom but also on finding its real cause. Through this procedure we help the person redefine the relationship with himself and, by extension, with the whole.

What are the benefits of shiatsu treatment?

A shiatsu session

 Shiatsu session takes place in a specially configured, quiet and full of light space. It is performed on the floor using a futon mattress and the person must wear comfortable, clean cotton clothes. The frequency of sessions must be at least 1/week at a steady day and time. Its duration is one hour.

 In the first session we have a talk with the treated person that covers his medical history concerning both body and soul issues and we also learn about his everyday schedule and rhythms of life. Starting from the physical body, a journey begins to the emotion and mind, the experience of which is the treatment.